50 R34DY F0R 7H3 H0L1D4Y5...!

UPD473 FR0M TH4NK561V1N65!  We made a turkey, with stuffing inside, mac and cheese, green beans, gravy, and cranberries.  My P4R7N3R mixed red wine with heated apple cider and swirled it with a cinnamon stick...OMG, so delicious!  He's genius~

I treated him to K00Z4 [Cirque Du Solei] at the tent on Santa Monica Pier for coming to see me so diligently~  We saw Fantastic Mr. Fox [great movie, btw!] at the 3rd Street Promenade, first, then went back to the car parked at the beach to eat in the dark with street lighting, radio for music, and tupperwared food of our delicious turkey dinner left-overs.  :]

Roomies totally decked the Common Area with West Hollywood...how cute.

On the Patio:

The Cafeteria people are cute:

At the Stop Motion Butler Building:  Made with found materials...hehe, artists~

And...Farmer's Market, too--a good day with the R3N75.

Westfield Mall in Valencia~


N3W B04RD5

Hopefully, the final version!  R4WR!