Happy 2012~!

I'm going to start the new year with a BANG--!!

The following is my take on the theme CLASSIC for an art contest:

As the mystery begins, we are plunged immediately into a Noir scene where the viewer is offered a ride by a classic femme fatale all clad in black with perfectly curled hair, a serious expression, and full red lips.

The car is my take on a red vintage Ferrari inspired by Steve McQueen's 1963 250 GT Lusso Berlinetta [a racer's modified version of the 1940 long-nose] with black leather seats.  The door is swung open wide from the inside offering us, a seeming accomplice, to get away before the police cars catch up.  The police cars are suggested in the background by the blue and red lights which play a huge roll in the image:  Red is glaring on the sides of the femme's hair as a sign of danger, but the strong blue diagonal light streaming in from the windshield across her symbolizes a hopeful sense of escape.  

As an audience we are unsure who are the good or bad guys in the scene, but we do know that whatever crime committed is serious enough for this lady to have a gun on the passenger seat.  The gun lies on top of her open purse which means she was intending to use it either to defend herself, or to kill.  Will you jump in and join in the danger, or will you just stand and watch what could be an epic car chase?  The decision is yours...

Enjoy my Neo-Noir take!  [Available in Classic Black & White and in Color!]