Our Sicilian model who is also a musician; AKA Skinny Mafioso~  Pencil and Watercolor; digital enhancements.


Vertical Perspective

 Looking outside to the world caged beings cannot explore--hopeful, yet deceitful.

This one is one point perspective, but with a slight upper angle looking into the home.  This is what ran through my mind while drawing it:  "A sound home may seem harmonious to others, but to those who live in it are caged beings that can do nothing but beat clipped wings until exhausting to death...and others wouldn't know why."



My life summed up in 3 panels.


New Perspective Stuff

Haven't posted for a while.  Not doing so well in the art world--I'm wondering if I'm in the right field....

This piece is a sketch a la Tim Burton--his prom date getting ready in front of a vertical mirror.  Two point perspective, with reflection on the floor [without copying and pasting].  Oh, and she's pulling off her fake flesh for a more fresh corpse look.