Happy Valentine's Day from a fantasy lady crossed with a kitten fetish and nine braided tails.

Getting back into drawing and painting again!  It feels so good to work it--rusty, but hopefully, I'll gain a four-pack on my arms from my renewed practicing [and yes, my stomach, as well] like the image!

Like my previous love-themed piece, have fun hunting all the hearts~<3>


#1:  Sketch

#2:  Clean Outline

#3:  Color Base

#4:  Background Color Scheme

#5:  Shade and Blend

#6:  BG Textures and FX


Wondrous Weddings 2014 featuring Sue Wong Dresses

Weddings are particularly special events that are timeless and can be for any season of the year.  Many couples around the world wed in the Spring or Summer of their relative hemisphere, but the beauty of the various customs and religions are tied together by wonderful gowns and fabulous supporting dresses of the mother of the bride, the maid of honor, and of course, the bridesmaids.


Sensational Summer 2014 featuring Sue Wong Dresses

Summer has finally come in full swing as the season transitioning from youthful Spring, into sultry maturing Autumn.  Summertime is known for vibrant colors, new travels, garden parties, and outdoor weddings~


Spring Collection 2014 featuring Sue Wong Dresses

Spring is arriving in full bloom with nature taking back the earth with budding seeds, awakening animals, and longer, warmer days of natural light.  Soft flowing pastels foreshadow Easter, the cherry blossom festivals around the world in late April, and May Day [also known as Labor Day and International Workers' Day].  Happy Spring~