As promised~  Vintage Amelia Earhart, born end of July.  The red scarf is homage to Snoopy when he faces off with the Red Baron~  :]


AVIATION: Fleet of Fighters

Fear of Falling?  For Old Folks?  No, FOF can stand for a lot of things, but my Dad is the one who inspired this logo.  It's Father's Day this weekend, so this is my tribute to him.  As a Flight Fanatic, he has taken me to the Museum of Flight [I'm talking about the Seattle one with the Boeing planes that abbreviates their wheelchairs with FOF, not to be confused with the Dallas Frontiers of Flight museum, nor the Florida Fantasy of Flight museum].  In addition to the handful of museums I've been to, I've also stepped in quite a few airports [domestic and international] and local hangers [some of which had art galleries like the Art Los Angeles Contemporary].  It's not exactly like Top Gun, but the aerial world is a totally different experience~

I will be doing a vintage female version of Aviation in remembrance of beloved Amelia Earhart.  For now, check out the Blue Angels Fleet Week schedule across the United States--July 4th is coming soon!


STEAMPUNK: Steamy Cognition

Ahhh, my inner geek had to be released after the previous post!  I love the Adventure genre, so there's a flowing logic from the Indiana Jones post to this one~

Who doesn't love this definition?

1.  an exciting or very unusual experience.
2.  participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit ofadventure.
3.  a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertainoutcome.
4.  a commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture.
5.  Obsolete.
            a.  peril; danger; risk.
            b.  chance; fortune; luck.

For this theme, I liked the face of the clock so much, I kept the hat as a small detail.  :]

Also, I've noticed that uploading images to Blogger turns out a lot lighter, no matter how much I try to darken the images in Photoshop...  Hmm...



There were so many maritime items, sea-themes, and terminology while I was researching references.  This was a hard one to narrow down!  Started with a classic sailor hat, and then went vintage a la Jules Verne.  I'm glad I went old-school~


ADVENTURE: Expedition to the Unknown

Felt like doing a themed logo-type symbol--there may be a small series of these to come.  Good ol' PSD practice.


Earth Day 2014

Photo manipulations of visual daily reminders we need to keep in mind...