Eve in the Garden of Eden

Painting + Photo Manipulation of Eve in the Garden of Eden ready to take a bite out of Original Sin.  Always liked that fruit / apple metaphor.  The piece is pretty lateral with only has two layers of depth, but the snake has some dimension [was my favorite part to work on].  Take look at its slithery tongue just barely touching Eve's fingertip as it eggs her temptation on with its hisses.  I tried to shy away from being cliche...not sure how that worked out.  I also didn't want Eve to be associated with any specific race, so kept her ambiguous.

I've always wanted to do an Eden piece with two parts for male and female, but wasn't inspired enough until I heard the lyrics of Wine Red by The Hush Sound:

Who shot that arrow in your throat?
Who missed the crimson apple?
And there's discord in the Garden tonight...

The rest of the lyrics can be found HERE.  "Don't bite the apple, Eve!"  

For fun--these are the images I used:


The Birth of Man

Ash, dust, bone, breath--and even human rib [yes, that's a supposedly real human rib, not one cleaned off a cow's].  All these items are described in the passage below.  Since Adam was created first, he gets the older look, versus Eve's luscious environment.  Kind of reminds me of a museum piece featured on a banner.  Also wanted something a little harder than a delicate religious painting like The Creation of Adam by Italian Renaissance Man, Michelangelo.

From trusty ol' Wiki:  "In an older Jahwist or Jahwist-Elohist sources (tenth-ninth centuries BC) in Genesis 2:4b, also known as the "subordinating (of woman) account," Yahweh fashions a man (Heb. adam, "man" or "mankind") from dust (Heb. adamah) and blows the breath of life into his nostrils."

Really?  Then why is it called "The Fall of MAN?"  Adam was created first, so he should have known better than to have listened to Eve over God~  Ah, the first family already messed it up for humanity...

PS--I admit these two Adam and Eve pieces are based on modern models.  Just think of it as contemporary interpretations of the beginning of time.  Mind-blowing!  Serpents were around in mythology before dinosaurs!

These are the photos I used for reference: