!! BR451L !!

Haven't been back to the country my dad was born and raised in, for 10 years...  3 days in Sao Paulo; 5 in Salvador, Bahia; and 5 days back in Sao Paulo; 2 days of travel.

Saw so many things.  Saw my grandparents again.  :]  Took over 3,000 pix~


POST-Brazil~  In FIFA-mode~

My dad's friend painted us something on porcelain and fired it.

This rose was dying before we left, and when we came back it still lives!  ...Poor thing, though.  It's dying slowly...

~F47H3R'5 D4Y~

3 women.  3 hours.  1 mind.  My mother, my younger sister, and I have never had good enough coordination for Father's Day until this year.  Yesterday, we shot ideas back and forth, and it came out spontaneously, and efficiently.  My mother suggested a poem--we use this method often.  Since my dad's passion is flying planes, I decided to take B.O.B.'s song "Airplanes" [featuring Hayley Williams (and Eminem)] and quote the first line.  I proposed my sister to write the poem, and she decided to letter it.  She went ahead and designed the graphic look, too.

We had a 8" x 10" blank canvas lying around the house, so I took it, and started to gather materials:
-the canvas
-the quote
-cut-out plane icon from our Brazilian airline [GOL] magazine
-paperclip of a plane [gold version]
-acrylic paints [2 blues, 1 orange]
-water cup
-2 brushes
-puff paint [silvery blue, glittery gold]
-scissors, exacto blade
-elmer's glue
-silver star sew-on button
-silver Sharpie
-gold gel pen
-scribbled plan and poem full of heart

This is what we came up with:

This is us celebrating the night before with new French vodka-white wine-champagne.  We easily drank half of the bottle, but my mother could finish the rest...  Yes, Pink for Daddy~

Homemade food!  Minus tortillas, guac, and salsa:

Smookies!  Homemade cookies with Ghiradelli chocolate and slightly baked marshmellows:

We also celebrated my uncle's birthday [o6.15] with Banana-Cream Pie~