YEA!  Totally needed a fresh era!  Logos made for the flag and airship of the main characters~



Been on Craigslist lately--big companies don't want me, little companies don't need me...where do I turn to??  TT-TT

In Progress:

Custom toddler clothing and presentation--

For a tee company~

"The Early Bath:"  "In soccer, getting a red card, and not getting sent to the locker rooms."  [Description from the UN-client.]

Fast one-day job!  How I like to work~

This was done for a nightlife website.  Did it even though they didn't get back to me after sending rates:

This was done for a sexy coffee place??  What an Oxy-moron...but appealing.  Considered.

There is a medical clinic called Axis in LA somewhere, and I decided to do a sample.  They liked it, but that was all...

These two were kitty logos for someone who wanted to pick the best through the submissions...told myself that I was never going to do this again...and then, I won!  [Second image--white kitty~]  Yay!

This Tee illustration was done for a contest for the band INCUBUS who wanted to promote their Sea Themed album a year ago.

:: 1MPR150N3ED ::

Yes, been feeling like this lately...

N3W P41N71NG: H3L105 + 53L3N3~

Need a break from school--why doesn't it end?  Haha.  It's ok.  Pace is good.  Matte painting background!  This time it's his world, vs 53L3N3'5.



Since I was so quickly rejected from Pixar and Lucas Films, I decided I would try to get better and make SOME Studio decide that they want me, up their work so much that those bigger studios will notice and rethink:  "Hey...maybe we should have accept JAC...."

A Prince from my L1F3 P4R7N3R and my Desert Series....  Yes, he's evil...


B4CK 70 7H3 DR4W1N6 B04RD...

April 8th I went to Disney Inspire Day to tour the Studio and get one-on-one feedback for my portfolio.

I got good feedback, and of course what I needed to work on--most of my things "scream motion graphics and graphics design."  Not too far off, coming from Parsons New School.  >.<

Still, it was a good experience, and I am driving myself to work harder than ever, because I really want to make it in the industry.  First is getting accepted into a company...  Wish me luck!

Started studying perspective and lighting again:  Still have things to fix...

Went more abstract, for the first time.  It went a lot faster, was a lot less stressful, and I had fun making two versions: