Daily Sketch #10: Urban Landscape - Central Europe

I'm afraid, I'm not sure where in Europe this quick painting is referenced from, but I wanted to really play up the shadows and light in the narrow alleyway.


Daily Sketch #9: Urban Landscape - Italy

Once again, local side streets of non-touristy parts of a popular country.  Would love to visit Tuscany, Italy~  Wine countryside!  ...although, I guess this sketch is more of the urban side.


Daily Sketch #8: Urban Landscape - Morocco

Love Arabic calligraphy.  Each word is like an individual piece of art.  Yes to decorative ink!


Daily Sketch #7: Urban Landscape - France

I've been to Paris, France once with my family.  Visited all the touristy parts, but what I would really like to do is explore local neighborhoods and visit the small towns in the South, strolling on cobblestones eating pastries without drooling too much while watching their laundry publicly drying in the soft sunny breeze.


Daily Sketch #6: Urban Landscape - Japan

I haven't taken a proper vacation AKA travelled abroad in one and a half to two years...!  Time is whooshing by, and I can't keep up...  So, I draw.  This is the closest I can get to wanting to see new places around the world~  Practice is a plus+!


Daily Sketch #5: Social Paranoia

It's been a while since I drew something, and I DON'T want to lose it!  I've been anti-social media for the longest time.  Until this day, all I have on FB is an artist page.  No followings in any account.  It is good for corporate promotions, but I hate how reliable our world is with Internet these days.  Makes me miss Manual and [non-electric] Analog hardcore.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to all the times we've stalked other people or have been the victims of stalking on Social Media.  Bloodshot eyes, pale skin from lack of sunlight, and growing white strands of hair, all due to infinite hours on mobile devices and desktops checking the latest update.

Take a look at the logo list below and see if that doesn't look ridonkulous...  Sure, the colors are pretty, the logos are clean and clear, but why are there SO MANY OF THEM??  Don't even get me started on Apps!  Yes, yes, pros and cons to all of it--everything in moderation--but I think we're pushing past Moderate!


PS--Anyone see the lovely irony of my logo at the top right corner of the drawing?  Sigh, just proves that we can't escape personal branding...  There's my contribution to society!