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Monday, February 28th, my roommate Julie [BFA 3 composer at CalArts] had an Undergraduate recital, and as the opening show, she had my other roommate, Christy Heyob and I paint on paper over a canvas that reflected our subconscious mood on the impromtu musical graphic noted piece titled Air Loom.  A minute excerpt can be heard here [the full piece is around 12 minutes and is never exactly the same].  Awesome job guys~

Composer:  Julie Assaf [Second Photo, Distant Left]
Marimba:  Tony Gennaro [Center]
Flute:  Christine Linza [Left]
Vocals:  Amanda Adrian [Right]
Painters:  Jessica A.M. Chen [aka JACONNI, unfeatured], and Christy Heyob [Second Photo, Right most]

This is sound check:

I painted on the left easel:

My interpretation.  Air sounds like spinning wheels and spokes to me.  I call this Abstract pinwheels:

This is Christy's complete 180 painting.  Full color, swirly, and soft.  I call it Beauty from Hatred.  I told her:  "We should decorate the walls of our place with these!"  She replied,  "You can; I'm going to decorate mine with the garbage."  I now own the painting.  :]