:: GUL4N YU :: C0N71NU3D ::

The Great Exodus...off the ferry:

Road Work:

Interesting broom--[in the Philippines, they use sticks tied together on one end].

Local fruit.

Fried Shrimp:

Pheasant anyone?

The Island has a prodigy school for music [in which students commute to and from the island daily].

Local food [seafood-based].

:: M0R3 X14M3N ::

1st round of Night pictures [the corner of our hotel -- Crown Plaza]:

GULAN YU ISLAND  [had to take a ferry over there for less than a penny...where my Grandfather was born???  ...gotta double-check on that one...]

Entrance to the Aquarium [intense!]:

...it was male...

They look plastic, but they were breathing...creepy.

Cute shell toys!

The only vehicles allowed on the Island [driven by authorized personelle only, of course]:

Awesome vintage European-styled houses...  [Our personal tour guide / translator told us a lot of singers and actors / actresses come here to do photoshoots or music videos because of these gorgeous things...]