Midnight Tango

Tomorrow, I'm off to Spain and Portugal with my family.  I'm finally graduated, and off to one more family trip before I buckle down in the real world as a legit member of the workforce.  This piece is inspired by the mood of what I expect to feel from those places...  But maybe it's just a skewed version in my LaLa Land...

Will be back by June 4, but will still have internet--so email is still a-go!


Artist at Work

One more week after this one at the CalArts dorms.  This image below, despite the craptastic coloring and shading, is how I think I would like to perceive how I work while jamming to music from right under my desk.  Weird shot, I know, but I'm trying to make it somewhat interesting.  Maybe I'll do another [much better] one when I settle down in my own place.  One day...