Series of Three

Missing you, F.  Merry Early Christmas.


The Flight Fanatic

The Topaz Queen

The word topaz might be related to the Arabic word توباز which meant "the subject of the search" or Sanskrit word तपस् "tapas" meaning "heat" or "fire;some scholars think it is related to an Assyrian word meaning 'flashed'.  More likely, pitdah is derived from Sanskrit words (पीत pit = yellow, दह् dah = burn), meaning "yellow burn" or, metaphorically, "fiery".[13]


In the Name of the Rose

A xmas gift for my sister--going to print it big!

[*Note:  Rose is her middle name.]

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."


Time's Up

I had two ideas for this painting when I first started:  The first was sunset where our heroine looks at us, away from the sun, hopeless because the bombs around her neck and waist seemed too close to detonation;  the second idea was sunrise where the heroine faces us with her posture flipped facing the sun in triumph because the bombs around her are nullified.  I wanted the dramatic version, so I went with the first.

This is my first digital / matte painting in a while...  I'm so out of practice...it's not even funny.  The girl is worse than the background, so I may be painting [and drawing] more people.  Look out for more of this character!

I tried to document my process as much as I could, but I guess I go too into what I was doing that it skips steps as I go on.  Sorry!  Better luck next time~  [*Also, is it sad I like the black and white the best?]


the SAK Holiday Email Invite

Design created from scratch [bag images and company logos were provided].


Lovely-Haired Snatcher

Actually, it kind of became a falling Harpy that is still in pain [and not dead, yet] because its throat was ripped out.  It started as a close-up, but it looked unfinished, so I painted the whole figure.   Started out black and white, finished in color.

Hungry Centaur

A centaur with a twist...

I can't wait to look back on this and laugh...wait, I'm laughing now!



After coming back from CTN Expo and seeing all of the awesome concept artwork out there, I think it's time for me to output a little, before I can figure out what I want to do in life.  I may be working in black and white for a little while to get back to understanding my fundamentals:  Form, Light, and Composition.

I want to thank everyone that I've spoken to at CTN that gave me great advice--there is a long list, but they know who they are.  These are individuals who have mastered their technique and style, and are beautiful individuals with great minds who are willing to take the time to give back to the younger generation.  I am truly grateful to have met and spoken with all of them.

This is the first thing that has come out of my head for a long time.  I've been so scared that my work wouldn't come out perfect digitally, but I was really weakening my foundation skills.  So, I'm going to try to stop working from my photographs so closely, and just observe from life.


Sweet Sensations

I wanted to do another pose painting with the round brush only.  It's been a while since I've used this basic brush, but I find myself really loving it anew.  Need to practice more loose poses and finally getting a hang of layering lighting strokes.



Since I did a Love one, I thought to make a pair and might as well do Hate...  This Mucha-inspired painting has many symbols that relate to hate:  Vines, thorns, broken mirror, wilting flowers, bracelet chains, the color green, etc.  I wanted it to be Envy, Wrath, Self-deprecation, and wanting to be things one isn't because the ego is diminished and thinks it's imperfect, all in one.

[*I'd say "have fun" finding all of the serpentine patterns in this one, but even I haven't counted all of them this time!]



Tired of Housework

I've been looking at a lot of Norman Rockwell  because although I've seen his paintings, I didn't pay attention to the stories he was telling.  I was referred to look again and, boy, did I miss A LOT.  This is a piece that started out as a figure drawing of a woman's profile, and it kind of morphed into something else within an hour.



Yay--my 77th post [Lucky doubles]!  "Stung by love," super metaphorical, a la simplified Mr. Mucha~

[*See if you can find all the "hidden" hearts!  HINT:  There are 47!  <3]



Playing with Fire

Trying new painting techniques, practicing as many different styles as possible, focusing on value lighting...and of course, always observing anatomy.


Gael Monfils

This guy has the most extreme knee-ankle poses I've ever seen in sports.  I don't watch TV and I am not a fan of any particular sport or team, but I stumbled upon this guy and had to draw him...except he looks ALMOST normal in these drawings.  Maybe I was trying too hard to make it "look right?"  I don't even know.



Bruce Wayne as Batman will always be #1, but I do have to say Batman Beyond  blew me away as a series.  The concept of a new-and-improved suit is a huge turn-on!  Still, what I'm trying to depict is the human being behind each of the hero character...  BEHIND the MASK.

Terry McGinnis:

Out of all of the Young Justice members, Aqualad is the best looking.  He is also the leader, being the most mature, responsible, thought-provocative, thorough, and least brash.  He doesn't don a mask, but this is him without his Stealth mode on.  Also, is it just me, or does his H20 pack look similar to the Transformers logo?  It makes him even MORE awesome, since he CAN "transform" and manipulate water~




!!THESIS STATUS!! [horrid, yet hopeful....]

This is a visual conception of what happened, is happening, and what hopefully will happen in the future with my thesis film Healing of Snow.

These are the three stages of myself:

The first [in the back] is an Autumn representation of my pulling my film along the winding yellow-striped [instead of brick] road from last year and this past summer.  I am looking straight at my film, focused on my goals.

The second [the pouting middle one] is a Winter representation of what I'm currently heading towards [hence the background coinciding with winter and my film]; a lot of procrastinating pauses and frustrating adjustments are happening with the film, and I'm in my PJs more often than not because I rarely go out these days [not because I'm simply rebellious  >wink<].  Yes, I do actually get more white hairs when stressed. In this version, I'm looking away from my film, with increasing difficulty to concentrate, but I still haven't let go of the rope.

The third [the closest to the viewer] is a Spring representation of what I hope to look like after completion of my film.  This version is clean, dolled-up, ready-to-party-because-it's-time-to-GRADUATE!  I am looking at my film in its entirety at the final stretch of the road, ready to let go of the rope [or cut it free], bent over from exhaustion, and the viewer can't see my face [because well, it hasn't happened yet].  Hopefully this road will end with another beginning!



This past June, 16 other classmates, two Film / Video faculty members from CalArts, and I went to Prague in the Czech Republic for 2 weeks.  We went to learn about the country's history in animation and how it molded their culture over the past years.  We were fortunate to go to Svankmajer's Studio, Studio Anima, and FAMU's Aurel Klimt's Studio.  Below are a few sketches of the places we went to [iconic landmarks].  Also, HERE are my catagorized photographs from the trip.



Our Sicilian model who is also a musician; AKA Skinny Mafioso~  Pencil and Watercolor; digital enhancements.


Vertical Perspective

 Looking outside to the world caged beings cannot explore--hopeful, yet deceitful.

This one is one point perspective, but with a slight upper angle looking into the home.  This is what ran through my mind while drawing it:  "A sound home may seem harmonious to others, but to those who live in it are caged beings that can do nothing but beat clipped wings until exhausting to death...and others wouldn't know why."