My latest children...  A Faerie Tale...literally.

[Painted in Photoshop]

A tribute to all JCs  [Juliet Capulet x JAC]


zBRU5H1N6: D353R7 L1Z4RD [r3v15173d]

I updated the post on the DE353R7 L1Z4RD with new Maya topology.  I learned zBrush last Wednes, and I forgot to export my mesh as the base poly count!  4R6H!!!  @#$%!  In other words....I need to resculpt everything...  TT-TT



Man, I'm trying to work like the studios...two projects at once!  Sad part is it is just me working alone...  Haha~  Practice, practice!


A Romeo + Juliet story using ballet as expressive emotion to convey love and tragedy...  

I chose to work with faeries because this is a first, and also, it fits very well with the delicacy of the piece, and I can play with scale [AKA macros on plants--something I have never done before either~].  It's all super exciting, but I need to remember to be excited about my First Year Short as well....

The animation will revolve around a piece that my composer for Kallisti let me listen to when we met to talk about my project.  I made her winning piece [Music Fairy Box--Nature's Destruction] in a 2oo5 music competition an inspiring and driving piece for my new concept!  It can be heard in the test below.  :]

[Story will solifidy soon!]

Changing this to a magenta-red rose...and adding morning fog...

Final Scene:

F41RY  73571N6:   http://vimeo.com/9110968

F41RY 73571N6~! from JACONNI on Vimeo.


T3571N6: 1-2-3

My teacher wasn't sure how I am going to animate KALL1571, so I started testing to show him movement.

LIP571CK:  [password:  h264]  http://vimeo.com/7637309

L1P5 from JACONNI on Vimeo.

3Y3:  [password:  h264]   http://vimeo.com/7659164

3Y3 from JACONNI on Vimeo.

5741R5:  [password:  h264]   http://vimeo.com/7689073

5741R5 from JACONNI on Vimeo.

CR0WN1N6:  [password:  h264]  http://vimeo.com/7692649

CR0WN1N6 from JACONNI on Vimeo.

4PPL3 3ND:  [password:  h264]   http://vimeo.com/7710883

4PPL3 3ND1N6 from JACONNI on Vimeo.


50UND + 1M4G3

I'm taking this class taught by Betzy Bromberg [lovely lady] @ CalArts, and she gave us an assignment--to take a found still image and put 3 different sounds to it to give the image / object a different feel each time.

I took it a step further and made it into an animation using a simple hand-drawn box opening... All sound is royalty-free, and, well, free~  Masking was actually fun, this time!  Tedious, but fun!

WH47'5 1N 7H3 B0X?
password:  [h264]

WH47'5 1N 7H3 B0X? from JACONNI on Vimeo.

Another version of the "1N 7H3 B0X" idea, but with my own own recordings from around CalArts.
J4C-1N-7H3-B0X   password:  [h264]

J4C-1N-7H3-B0X from JACONNI on Vimeo.

54M3 F33L: PR1NC3 0F P3R51A

Saw this today....a Jerry Bruckheimer film coming out on May 28, 2o1o.  It has the same sort of feel as Kallisti.

....Never thought Jake could look attractive like this....it's weird.  HAHA.

PR1NC3 0F P3R514: 7h3 54nd5 0f 71m3


B4CK 2 5CH00L: B361NN1N6 5C3N35

....How hard is it to get back to normal life after a great relaxing weekend....?  TERRIBLE!

H4LL0W33N 2oo9~!

The best [and most expensive] time I've ever had on 0c70b3r 31st!!!

I dressed my babies up for the first time--had them for about a year now [on average--BUNNY is from Boston; B3LU64 (whale) is from Niagra Falls, Canada; and K177Y is from L1F3 P4R7N3R (given to me in Jersey)].

My L1F3 P4R7N3R found this new place in downtown LA called Vibiana and the scene was worth it.  The price and entrance was...well, 0P3N B4R!!!  >Danced hard!<

This was what school looked like--even the teacher's got into it, sewing their own shirts and everything!  XD

OH YEA!  Met Henry Selick [I was the first to talk to him!], director of Coraline a couple days before Halloween in downtown LA...  We killed time at Amoeba Music [Never been!  First time!  Such a dork...]

Before we partied hard on Halloween, my L1F3 P4R7N3R and I went to the Getty Museum~  He had never been, and I was there 6 years ago.  Picked up tickets to see the Villa in November!