BR34K: 51GN1F1C4N7 07H3R [P4R7 I]

Needed a break from school...  Had fun with my L1F3 P4R7N3R'5 face~




I have yet to make P4R7 II...  The other side will be M01~


5UN XUN'5 2 D4Y W0RK5H0P: @ C4L4R75

Experimental artist from China, Sun Xun came to Valencia  as a guest.  A two day workshop was announced and he chose me as the Director of a collaborative animation based on a small piece of paper that I wrote a whole story on with a tiny drawing with a ball-point pen.

My story was set in the countryside, and a storm was on the verge of coming.  Preparations started in the interior of the house.  Each of the members of a small family had preparations for chores:  Collecting food for the basement, bundling sheets from the laundry line to bring to the cellar, etc.  In the exterior of the house, animals of all sorts were fleeing into the forest behind the house dragging little ones quickly.  When the storm finally comes, the house is unharmed, and everything behind the house is safe because of their preparations.

It turns out the girl sitting next to me, Christy Heyob, actually has been thru a tornado back in the mid-west.  Her room was the only damaged part of the barn she lived in, being that the ceiling collapsed right thru as her mother pulled her out on time.  She had two cats that were unharmed and she also had a forest behind the barn.  WHAT A COINCIDENCE ISN'T IT??

It started with the smallest slip of torn paper...go talented team!

[The first scene, the titles, and most of the editing were all done by me]:  TODAY'S WEATHER

T0D4Y'5 W347H3R from JACONNI on Vimeo.


CH4R4C73R D3516N: M3N

My instructor told me my idea was solid, but the weakest link was the army of men.  He said that the Goddess is super interesting as a character, but the men were like cyphers.  He wanted me to research on different military armies from different countries:  I found the Roman, the Berlin, the Soviet, and the Chinese Red armies.  Still, I wasn't satisfied with the results, because they were too modern.  Although my piece is going to be era-less, and geographically unknown, I want to bring in past garb from pre-WW.  Oh yes, I threw in some Dynasty Warriors in there, too.  [Gotta love their armor!]

Images from Google  [not mine]:

My quick sketches of different kinds of soldiers [I personally like the feel of the first design, but we'll see--it is IMPERATIVE:  they MUST match the Goddess!]:  N0 6UN5!

Notes with my Instructor:

My awesome L1F3 P4R7N3R, thank you for sharing this link!



The first images are drawn really fast when the concept first came to mind.  I think they came out better than my collaged images.  The reason for the collage is it helps me to visualize where the colors are going to be before painting.  Everything is pretty defined by locality and symbolic subject, so I need to see it in  color before working.

Again, these images are not mine--got them from Google.  Their only purpose is for reference:  Most are royalty-free stock photography, but the 3-D image of the sorceress [n0. 24] is done by DesignsByEve.

If that doesn't work:  [54N5 50UND:  joy268]

K4LL1571: from JACONNI on Vimeo.

Sound Inspiration:  Requiem For A Tower