*<~Happy Happy, Merry Merry~>*

It's been a crazy, busy year that flew by...!  Job change, trouble with the law, and heart breaks included.  Glad I made it through 2014!

My mother requested a Christmas card with the theme of an angel.  Angels are so generic and common--[like I can judge, haha] but as an elitist [sarcasm], I like the high-ranking Archangels.  My first Christmas card was a pencil drawing of Gabriel.  I don't know if this one is badass enough to be Michael, so I'm going to say this is Raphael, known as a great healer who watches over travelers and lovers.  I love the characters and personalities people came up with lifetimes ago as morals, myths, legends, and prophecies.

This androgynous protector of hope looks up to the light and waves a banner of the past year as a milestone.  Onto the next!


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