It is currently three-quarters of the year 2016.  I drew "Pedi Baby" while waiting for clients at my secret side job I started in 2013.  "Social Paranoia" was drawn because I didn't trust my long-distance partner after 4 years of stress and doubt; it was the only way I could see what he was up to, what his thoughts were, and any other piece of information that he didn't share with me thru our brief, clinical calls.  The relationship carried on for another year and a half before I broke, thus breaking up with him, and freeing both of us from the doomed cycle.  A lot has happened since my 2012 graduation.

As I look back on my journey, I noticed that I have never lost sight of who I am, nor have I regretted much of my decisions because they forged who I am today.  Throughout the years, I am constantly seasoned with a tomboy mentality--I never liked pink save for princess gear I adorned while playing with Batman action figures, Hot Wheel cars, and Gargoyles.  After college, there was a rush to fit into anything a feature film would hire for.  I have tried my hand at many things and still have not found a home.  I have taken a hiatus from the entertainment industry and have once again picked up the stylus for myself.  These are the first drawings I've done seriously since a fun little Christmas card in 2014.  This is the dawn of a new creative era for JAC.

"PINK PROMISE" is a series of various illustrations with rosy shades and hues that accompany line work featuring strong women depicted in both innocent and risqué poses, representing the choices females have made in their careers and the integrity they keep while carving their own paths in corporate society.  Pink can be soft, edgy, warm, and remind us of private lady parts.  This artwork is inclusive to all persons of any gender and race who take pride in their own gurl power!

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